Course Overview

The TGM course is an intense, professional, practical and international medical missionary training program in an outpost center*.

In all the program we emphasise a balance between the theoretical classes and practical work. We call it work study program.

Goal of the course:

Training for lifelong medical missionary service as teacher, worker in an institution, project founder, Bible worker, self-supporting missionary, lifestyle counselor, etc. (See FAQ).

With Mission Trip

The mission trip takes us for approx. four weeks at the end of the school year to another country, where we can implement in practise what we have been learning.


Regular outreach activities are carried out in Carinthia and the community of TGM.

Ten Months Outpost *

Classes and different practical activities in various areas of a self-supporting outpost center.

  • 35,- € registration fee
  • 3000,- € accommodation
  • approx. 1200,- € Mission Trip

Registrations after the registration deadline are generally possible. Please doublecheck before with our school leader:

* Outpost: A self-supporting mission institution at countryside consisting of a mission school, lifestyle center and a farm.


Annual overview

  • January-March: Theoretical and practical classes, basics of health and medical missionary work, introduction and first consolidation in biblical and health topics, discipleship, Christian lifestyle
  • April-October: reinforcing classes, work practice during the Newstart sessions
  • November: mission trip
  • December: graduation


Weekly Overview

The students spend the week and also almost each weekend together. Three or four free weekends with different lengths are planned. Holidays usually take place before or after the mission trip.

Example weekly plan (PNG)



Application Deadline

September 15th 2020

Duration of the next course



Curriculum overview (PDF)
(Subject to changes)

A. Discipleship & Identity
God's Call for You
Christian Living
Mental Health
Christian Marriage and Home
Christian Music
History of True Education
Spirit of Prophecy
Christian Finances
SDA History
Steps to Personal Revival
What to do after TGM?
B. Bible Studies & Evangelistic Work
SDA Doctrines
How to study the Bible
Daniel and Revelation
Last Days Events
Self-Supporting Work
Public Speaking
Sabbath School
Mission Trip Preperation
C. Medical Missionary Work
God's Healing Program
Ministry of Healing
Basics of Medical Missionary Work
Newstart Introduction
Lifestyle Physiology
Chronic Diseases
Chair Massage
Massage & Basic Anatomy
Health Evangelism Tools
Herb Walk
Lifestyle Counselor
Organic gardening
D. Practical Work
Work Time (infrastructure, housekeeping, ...)
Vegan Cooking and Baking