Course overview

Intensive, professional, practical and international medical-missionary training program in an outpost *.

A balance between the theoretical and practical units is emphasized.


Training for lifelong missionary service as a teacher, collaborator, project founder, Bible worker, self-entertaining missionary, lifestyle counselor, etc. (See FAQ)

With Mission Trip

The Mission Trip takes us for four to five weeks to a foreign mission area, where what has been learned so far can be applied.

Mission activities

Regular outreach activities are carried out in Carinthia in the vicinity of the TGM.

Twelve Months Outpost *

Lessons and versatile practical activities in various areas of a self-entertaining outpost.

  • 35,- € registration fee
  • 2800,- € accommodation
  • about 1200,- € Mission Trip

Registrations after the registration deadline are possible in case of prior demand for

* Outpost: A self-entertaining country mission facility consisting of mission school, sanitarium and farm.


Annual overview

  • September-December: Theoretical and practical teaching, first missions of mission, immersion in practical subjects of Christian life change, introduction to medical subjects, discipleship, preparation for mission trip
  • January: Mission Trip
  • February-August: Deepening into medical subjects, biblical subjects, subjects for evangelization work, and help with the implementation of Newstart programs


Weekly Overview

The students also spend most of the weekends together. Four free weekends with different lengths are planned. Holiday dates usually take place before or after the mission trip.

Example weekly plan (PNG)




April 30th 2019

Course duration of the next course

02. 09. 2019 – 16. 08. 2020


Curricular overview (PDF)
(Subject to change)

A. Discipleship & Identity
God's call to you
Profitable Bible Study
Christian lifestyle
Friendship and marriage
Spirit of Prophecy
B. Bible study & evangelization
Basic Teaching of the STA
Giving Bible lessons
Advent history
Daniel and Revelation
End time events
Giving a successful testimony
Evangelization and community building
Practical missionary work
C. Health Mission: Philosophy
God's healing plan
The Road to Health
History of the health message
History and principles of self-entertaining missionary works
Principles of self-entertaining ventures
Alternative healing methods
D. Health Mission: Theory and Practice
Applied Physiology
Massage and anatomy
Nutritional apprenticeship
Health Evangelization Expo
Health seminar preparation and implementation
E. Practical work
Participation in the construction and maintenance of the school and its infrastructure
Help run Newstart programs