Course fee: The course fee for the TGM course 2019/20 is € 2.800.

Please pay €1000 until the start of the TGM course. The next € 900 please pay until December 31th 2019 and the remaining € 900 by April 30th 2020.

Additional costs will appear during the school year for laundry, phone calls, teaching materials, books, private excursions and dinners (dinner is prepared by yourself). The estimated amount for these costs is €400. Please consider furthermore expanses that may arise due paying your health insurance valid in Austria as well as when going home or making some trip.

Registration fee: We are able to process your registration only after receiving the registration fee of € 35. This registration fee cannot be refunded.

Mission Trip: The expenses for the Mission Trip (departure and arrival at the airport) are about € 1200. Please pay this amount in the midst of October. The account will be announced in proper time.

Any expenses on vaccinations are not included.


Information on financing

This school is financed by the course fee and various donations.
Although we basically have no way to reduce our school fees, your participation is not supposed to fail due of financial issues.

If it is for you too hard to pay the needed course fee, we recommend the following procedure:

  • Ask in your local church (church board) if they are willing to cover a part of your training expenses. To do this, it makes a lot of sense to present to the pastor and church board your plans of activities which you would like to do you in your local church after finishing the TGM training. Inform them sufficiently and in good time about the subjects tought in the TGM course.
  • Search for a personal circle of supporters (relatives, friends).
  • In case of hardship, please contact us.


Application Deadline

April 30th 2019

Duration of the next course

02.09.2019 – 16.08.2020