June 7th to 10th 2019

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Ronny Schreiber is medical missionary, beingt active in several parts of the world as lay preacher, evangelist and Bible teacher. His topics are primarily the books of Daniel and Revelation, the sanctuary, the doctrine of creation, and the worldwide beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Theme: The Finale - The last days of this earth

  1. The sign of the end
  2. The night has broken
  3. Two radiant stars
  4. The darkest hour
  5. Rescue at midnight
  6. The restoration
  7. The great rejoicing

Christian Paúl grew up in a missionary family, attented a training as medical missionary and served for some years as school leader in TGM. With passion he plays his violin, sharing enthusiasticly his compositions. In addition to his love of music, he likes to motivate other young people to use their lives and talents for God.


  • I will return - Renewing our zeal to wait and hasten for His coming
  • My tribute - Christian's testimony - Use your talents for God
  • Perfect Peace - Finding perfect peace amid trials
  • Increase our faith - Stories of hardships that inspired different people to create extraordinary hymns of faith
Information Inspiration Weekend
Date June 7th - 10 th 2019
Deadline May 26th 2019
Special for students 75,- €


Full weekend including meals and accommodation. Please bring with you sleeping bag, mattress, towel, house shoes and pillows.


130,- €


entire weekend including meals and accommodation - please bring house shoes with you
day visitors Reqeust for a donation for travel expenses of the speakers
food package 1 (adult) 63,- €  (12-99 y.) Breakfast, lunch and dinner No refund for non-attendance on booked meals possible!
food package 1 (child) 38,50 €  (3-11 y.) Breakfast, lunch and dinner
food package 2 (adult) 45,- €  (12-99 y.) Lunch and dinner
food package 2 (Kind) 25,- €  (3-11 y.) Lunch and dinner
0,- €  (0-2 y.)

Registration for the Inspiration Weekend 2019

Due to the limited number of seats, only registered participants can be admitted to the entire event. By this registration it is not possible to an external accommodation.

IMPORTANT: We confirm your registration by sending an e-mail to you. Please transfer the money for the inspiration weekend only after receiving our confirmation email!