May 29th to June 1st 2020

with Nicola Taubert and Derrol Sawyer

Nicola Taubert

  1. SHAMELESS, as the gospel reaches the world.
  2. HOLY, as the profane becomes the norm.
  3. VICTORIOUS, when the battle seems to be lost.
  4. UNSHAKABLE, even in the threat of persecution.
  5. STEADFAST, as the movement starts up.
  6. READY, when Christ returns.

Derrol Sawyer


  1. Out of Darkness Into His Marvelous Light
  2. Music’s Role in Character Building
  3. Where Do We Draw The Line Part
Information Inspiration Weekend
Date May 29th - June 1st
Deadline May 15th 2020
Special for students 75,- €


Full weekend including meals and accommodation. Please bring with you sleeping bag, mattress, towel, house shoes and pillows.


130,- €


entire weekend including meals and accommodation - please bring house shoes with you
day visitors Reqeust for a donation for travel expenses of the speakers
food package 1 (adult) 63,- €  (12-99 y.) Breakfast, lunch and dinner No refund for non-attendance on booked meals possible!
food package 1 (child) 38,50 €  (3-11 y.) Breakfast, lunch and dinner
food package 2 (adult) 45,- €  (12-99 y.) Lunch and dinner
food package 2 (Kind) 25,- €  (3-11 y.) Lunch and dinner
0,- €  (0-2 y.)

Registration for the Inspiration Weekend 2020

Due to the limited number of seats, only registered participants can be admitted to the entire event. By this registration it is not possible to an external accommodation.

IMPORTANT: We confirm your registration by sending an e-mail to you. Please transfer the money for the inspiration weekend only after receiving our confirmation email!

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food package 1: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
food package 2: Lunch and dinner