The training of the TGM consists of four focal points and is based on the divine principles for an eternal life.

The Lord calls strong, ready-for-service and self-sacrificing young men and women ready to be at the forefront. After being trained for a short time at a school, they will go out prepared to bring the message to the world.

(In the service of Christ, p.81)

1) Discipleship & Identity

Understanding the will of God for my life. Read the Bible profitably. Recognize principles for a contented and happy life. Shape interpersonal relationships in the sense of God. Develop life goals. These and other themes are meant to help you mature as a personality and grow in the succession of Jesus.

2) Bible study & Evangelism

“Look Jesus at the fingers,” as he told man about his father’s love and illustrated the principles of the Kingdom of Heaven. Among other things, the following topics are covered: How do I design a Bible lesson? How do I face objections? How can I testify to Jesus? How do I design a seminar? From the very beginning, participants have the opportunity to test what they have learned as part of practical missionary work.

“The Lord calls upon our youth who are quickly trained in our schools to serve. In a wide variety of places outside the cities, schools are to be founded in which our young people receive an education in evangelistic work and medical missionary work. “

(GCB, June 3, 1909 par 13)

3) Health mission

God has given man a guide to use the soul and the body. In this area of teaching, the most important factors for health should be identified. In the case of illness, God has also provided natural healing methods to complement the efforts of traditional medicine.
Jesus spent more time healing than preaching during the three and a half years of his public ministry. By taking care of people’s concerns and bringing them healing, he gained their trust. Thus, health work becomes the “right arm” of the embassy.

“We have reached a time when every member of the congregation should pursue the medically missionary work.”

(E.G. White – 7T 62)

4) Practical Work-Work Study Concept

God has given people hands not only to hold a ballpoint pen, but also to be used for further practical work. Practical work is one of the ingredients for a balanced personality standing on the floor with both legs. Teachers and participants work together to compensate for teaching and studying in the garden, household, guest care and sanitary work.

“True education means training to serve a mission. Every son and daughter of God is called to be a missionary. We are called to serve God and our fellow human beings. Preparing for this service should be the goal of our upbringing. “

(Ministry of Healing, p395)