We are happy to offer to prospect students the opportunity to get to know each one another in a practical way. For this purpose we offer you our "Get acquainted days":

During these days you can experience TGM like if you were a student. Therefore, you are accommodated in a student room and take part in all the activities and tasks of the students. Please take a sleeping bag with you if possible.

Duration: 1 to 3 days (2 to 4 nights)

Arrival: Sunday afternoon to Wednesday

Departure: Tuesday to Friday

Costs: EUR 15 per night including breakfast and lunch

How to get to TGM: You can drive by car or go by train. Please inquire for the transfer costs between the train station and TGM.

What should I bring with me: your interest :-), outdoor clothing, good footwear, Bible, writing utensils


Application Deadline

September 15th 2020

Duration of the next course