Students sharing about their personal impressions of TGM:

Kasia’s Testimony // Kasias Zeugnis – Graduation 2016

“My church leader was at TGM last year and he told me a lot about it. That’s why I was immediately inspired to attend this school, but I’ve had no money … I’ve been praying a lot and I was trusting God. He was testing my faith until the very last moment. Now I’ve been here at TGM for over a month and it has exceeded all my expectations. It’s amazing how easy it is to heal people in a natural way. The classes are funny and I learn so many things that I can practically apply in my life. More and more I’m aware of that God wants to use me at this very place. ”

Helena Buchhammer

Jarek’s Testimony // Jareks Zeugnis – Graduation 2016

“When I was in South America, I reached my personal limits … I was aware of the need of a training, of a preparation for serving others. So I signed up without having the money for paying it. Later, still before the start of the school, I was able to cover half of the school money. My experiences in TGM are interesting. The most exciting thing for me is to study, analyze and thereby learn by the behavior or actions, reactions, etc. The personality of the teachers and their relationship with God are reflected in the classroom. Certainly I have to work a lot on myself in that respect, but it’s just nice to look into the past and see that God even exists.”

Ciprian Ciocan

Krisztinas Zeugnis // Krisztina’s Testimony – Graduation 2016

“When I came to TGM, I wasn’t sure about what I was supposed to do here. But God leads step by step. He has a plan with every human being and the question is: Am I willing to let God work in me? Do I want to ask Him for His plan?
My decision for Jesus was strengthened here. Before I was disorientated in life, but now my life received a new direction. I had the opportunity to experience God on a daily basis. TGM is not a normal school, this is a school for life, a practical and holistic one, unique and for everyone!”



Where are they now?

Numerous institutes worldwide benefit by the involvement of TGM graduates: Die Arche (D), Sonnmatt (CH), Menorah (I), Pearl Health Center (Kazakhstan), Kura Lifestyle Center (Curaçao), Źródło życia (Living Springs, PL)